Sunday, January 16, 2011

To my sweet little Gazette -- A Letter of Apology

You're so neglected these days. As neglected as the police in a Martin Scorsese movie! As neglected as the laws of gravity in Independence Day! As neglected as Beatles fans during the Yoko period!

You have my apologies. Your creator's been busy.

Pulled near perfect PSAT and exam scores, thank you. Still editing the novel, still writing short stories. Trying to get articles published so I may have some creditability when the time comes to court an agent. Maybe court isn't the best word to use here...

Tack on guitar and piano lessons, academic team, and the bevvy of other interests that require tending. How can I watch movies, read, and play video games when I've got articles to write! Applies in reverse order as well. How can I write articles on this stuff when I haven't yet done it?

While I'm untangling myself from this paradoxical cycle, feel free to check out some other projects I'm working on:

Presented in Cinemascope! -- Reviews, previews, and little-known-facts about classic and modern cinema. Have a favorite movie? If I mention it, I assure you that you'll learn something new about it.

Our Blog is in Another Castle! -- All of the hottest news and rumors of the video game industry, plus tons of articles on the classics! Top tens, reviews, previews, retrospectives, trivia, and even some parental guides. Consider me an expert on the topic, parents. Feel free to toss me an email regarding a game your child wants. I'll give you the whole story.

On top if this, my novel is inching closer to complete completion. I'm hoping to finish the editing process by summer break.

I've been preparing a few articles for humor site Cracked. Not sure how that'll work out, but I'll be sure to keep y'all updated.

So where does this blog fit? What's its purpose? Well, it's my personal blog. I'll talk about myself as well as share my thoughts on writing.

Oh, by the way, I turned sixteen. Guess I have to change my banner.


  1. Congratulations on turning 16! That is exciting in itself. You are a very busy and productive young man who is going to be very successful in several areas!

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    Congrats on the scores.