Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time for a Blog Award!

Cue the music and dim the lights, folks!

When Jessie Harrell told me she was passing a blog award my way, I was thrilled. I've never received a blog award before. Yee-haw!

Then I discovered Cara gave me the same award. Hot-dog!

The icing on the cupcake? Bryan Sabol has also honored me. His blog is fantastic, and if you read his post concerning this award, you'll discover that he is a fascinating guy. Yep, Bryan and I go way back. Okay, maybe not way back, but he did mention me in an article of his.

Check it out if you like cupcakes. You can't say no, right? Everyone likes cupcakes.

Without further ado (Gee, I love saying that!),

Follow the Rules

The rules that apply with accepting this award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person(s) who gave you this award

Done and done. Next?

2. Share 7 things about yourself

Wait, you want to hear about little ol' me? Oh, alright!

1. I strongly dislike talking on the phone, and with good reason. I like planning. Put me on the spot and I stammer and usually spew unintelligent words like a fountain of awkwardness. But if you put me in front of a computer and give me a little time, I can craft dialogue that would make Fabio cry manly tears. Time is everything.

2. Well, number 1 was a mouthful. Let me make this one a little more concise. I have an unusual obsession with Japanese rock and hip-hop. Honestly, it's fantastic stuff. And as I tell my mother all the time, "You don't need to understand what they're saying to feel the beat in your bones!"

3. Hm. Still not concise enough. Oh well. I'm a bit of an exercise nut when soccer season rolls around. However, catch me the week after it's over and I'll be on the couch all day, eating big macs to reruns of House MD.

4. Mythology is rad! Norse, Greek, Egyptian, African, Chinese. It's all compelling stuff. The coolest thing about mythology is that it comes from everywhere. Where there are people, there are stories. Which is why the five listed above don't even begin to scratch the surface. The novel I'm currently revising (tentatively titled Atticus Six) features a world in which the monsters of all these mythologies are real. And while some of them are good, the Minotaurs and the Fucanglong Dragons need someone to keep them in order... That someone is Atticus Abernethy the Sixth!

Would you buy it?

5. Soccer is a huge part of my life and is easily my favorite sport. If I'm going to exercise, you can bet it'll be with a soccer ball. As far as I'm concerned, the World Cup is the most compelling sporting event since four years ago. And in four more years, this one will be trumped. The World Cup for the win!

[It's 2:30 AM. My brain is swollen.]

6. I'm a huge fan of cinema, from Ray Harryhausen (the stop-motion pioneer behind the original Clash of the Titans) to Tim Burton. I might write an article of my top ten favorite movies some day. And it will be grand.

7. I'm motivated by a note card I keep in my wallet. This note card is my list of goals. It contains small bits such as: Because they are adorable, I will one day raise a huskie from puppy to doghood. But this is a rather childish example. Others include: Master the piano and Get my first novel published by the age of seventeen. Whenever I have a few minutes, I pull the card out and read it. It is a symbol of what's to come.

There you have it. Seven random facts about me. If you had the tenacity to read through that muck, I salute you.

The final rule is to pass this on to fifteen other bloggers. This is going to be tough considering how many people I'm sure have already received this. I'm just going to pass it to as many as I can.

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Enjoy your awards, folks! I look forward to your fun factoids!

This post has taken days. It was worth it, I suppose. After all, your support is what motivates me to keep writing. And keep writing, I shall!



  1. Thanks for the blog award! I'll post it to my blog this week.

  2. "Where there are people, there are stories." I loved that. Sums up one of the wonderful things about the human condition. (I'd say the same is true of music, as in where there are people, there is music.)

  3. I love that you have that note card in your wallet.
    My son likes the band, Dragonforce. The guitarist is amazing!